We aim high. We see a better way to support the communities in which we live and play. We have a unique idea of what it means to deliver top rate service in construction, hospitality, accommodation and tourism. Anchoring this approach is an exceptional experience base in global integrated solutions. ABYL’s leadership team of 5, with combined decades of experience gained from executing over 250 projects in over 20 countries understand the “hand shake” is different in every country. We put our expertise to work for our clients enabling you to achieve a vision. We are a dedicated, values driven team turning global insights into action, that is how we make an impact.


  • ABYL has industry-leading professionals that consistently deliver products and services to a global network of clients with diverse project/service needs.
  • We achieve your vision through our transformational leadership, integrity and trust.
  • At ABYL, we pride ourselves in completing projects that are delivered on time, within budget and to client satisfaction, while being internationally acclaimed for the best safety, quality & environmental standards.
  • Your expectation drives our team to provide innovative solutions and integrated services at every step of our relationship.


Rick C. Bennett
Chief Executive Officer
Aman Bhalla
Chief Operating Officer
Kirwin Lalla
Senior Vice President Sustainability & Risk
Muhammad Sani Yusuf
Director Operations & Client Relationships
SVP Business & Strategic Development

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