Facilitate Project Delivery & Program Management ‘We help our Clients achieve their Vision’ Explore ABYL The Sky is not the limit. Explore ABYL We go Beyond Facilitate Project Delivery & Program Management ‘We help our Clients achieve their Vision’ Explore ABYL we understand the key barriers to success. Explore ABYL As implementers


ABYL's Project Management Team, with combined decades of experience and knowledge in diverse market segments, delivers comprehensive integrated solutions that enable our clients to achieve their Vision.


ABYL has industry-leading professionals that consistently deliver products and services to a global network of clients with diverse project/service needs.


Local, National, Global Citizens Uniquely

Tourism, Resorts & Lodging

Restaurants & Catering

Facilities Management our company

Modular Accommodation

Infrastructure & Civil Construction

Design Build – Own – Operate


Local, National, Global Citizens Uniquely

Our leadership team is unparalleled in global experiences gained from operations in all corners of the globe. We see ourselves as part of an emerging world community, skilled in sharing knowledge and best practice but most importantly in responsibility to improve the quality of life for the communities in which we live. We are recognized for authentically navigating differing cultures.

Best in Class Our experience in project leadership

commitment to delivering complex projects from vision to reality for a safe, sustainable lifespan and transferring skills while building enduring relationships defines how we engage our clients’. As implementers, we understand the key barriers to success.

InnABYL team, we are “can-do”.

Values Based Company values matter

We see values as the essence of company identity, purpose and passion and seek out like minded partnerships. By doing so, everyone on the team feels a sense of belonging and direction. Trust, Respect and Integrityovation and Action

As innovation experts we understand businesses which have a high degree of customer touch point and community impact. We are not “cookie cutter” rather look at each challenge through an innovative agile lens, we do not see hurdles, we only see solutions and collaboration. That is why many clients select the anchor who we are. Authenticity in our actions is at the core of our values.




+1 (587) 583-4955

Abuja, Nigeria ABYL Global Integrated Solutions,

Plot 1468 Ayangba Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

55 Cranford Green SE

Calgary, Alberta T3M 1V3, Canada



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